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Top 10 piese cele mai cântate de tobyMac în ultimele 40 de concerte.

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tobyMac va fi pe scenă pentru aproximativ 2:00. Iată setlistul probabil bazat pe concertele anterioare (40% probability):

Denumirea piesei
  1. Life After Death cover Help Is on the Way (Maybe Midnight)
  2. This Is Not A Test cover Lights Shine Bright
  3. I Just Need U. cover I just need U.
  4. Everything cover Everything
  5. This Is Not A Test cover Love Broke Thru
  6. Eye On It cover Speak Life
  7. Portable Sounds With Bonus Remixes cover Made to Love
  8. Portable Sounds With Bonus Remixes cover Lose My Soul
  9. This Is Not A Test cover Move (Keep Walkin')
  10. The St. Nemele Collab Sessions cover Hello Future
  11. Tobymac Collection cover 21 Years
  12. The Elements cover See the Light
  13. Eye On It cover Steal My Show
  14. Eye On It cover Me Without You
  15. The Elements cover Edge of My Seat
  16. Hits Deep Live cover Funky Jesus Music
  17. Welcome To Diverse City cover Diverse City
  18. Welcome To Diverse City cover The Slam
  19. Portable Sounds (with Bonus Remixes) cover Boomin'
  20. This Is Not A Test cover Til the Day I Die
  21. Portable Sounds (with Bonus Remixes) cover Promised Land
  22. This Is Not A Test cover Feel It

tobyMac Tour Map 2023

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