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Ne pare rău, nu avem date pentru acest artist. :(

Dar ... Iată primele 10 melodii ale Angel care pot fi redate live!

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Artiști similari

  1. New York Groove
  2. Rock Soldiers
  3. Rip It Out
Ace Frehley Photo

Ace Frehley

  1. Ballroom Blitz
  2. Fox On The Run
  3. Little Willy (Rare Studio Track)
The Sweet Photo

The Sweet

  1. Lay It on the Line
  2. Magic Power
  3. Fight the Good Fight
Triumph Photo


  1. Emotions 2.0
  2. Emotions
  3. Engel
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  1. Just Between You And Me
  2. Sign Of The Gypsy Queen
  3. Roller - Remastered
April Wine Photo

April Wine

  1. Cum on Feel the Noize
  2. Far Far Away
  3. Merry Xmas Everybody
Slade Photo


  1. Screaming in the Night
  2. Bedside Radio
  3. Born To Be Wild
Krokus Photo


  1. Heavy Metal
  2. I Can't Drive 55
  3. Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
Sammy Hagar Photo

Sammy Hagar

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