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Top 10 piese cele mai cântate de Benny Sings în ultimele 40 de concerte.

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Cântecele care vor fi redate live au fost lansate pe următoarele albume:

Urmatorul Setlist

Cât durează concertul?

Benny Sings va fi pe scenă pentru aproximativ 1:18. Iată setlistul probabil bazat pe concertele anterioare (40% probability):

Denumirea piesei
  1. City Pop cover Not Enough
  2. Sunny Afternoon cover Sunny Afternoon
  3. The Best Of Benny Sings cover Big Brown Eyes
  4. Young Hearts cover Movie Star
  5. Studio cover Straight Lines
  6. Music cover Miracles
  7. City Pop cover Everything I Know
  8. Music cover Nobody’s Fault
  9. Art cover All We Do for Love
  10. Music cover Music
  11. Music cover Rolled Up
  12. Young Hearts cover Pyjama's
  13. Passionfruit cover Passionfruit
  14. Young Hearts cover Love Will Find a Way
  15. Encore #1

  16. Loving Is Easy cover Loving Is Easy (Rex Orange County cover)
  17. Young Hearts cover Young Hearts

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  2. Demise
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Wouter Hamel

  1. Heaven (feat. Andreya Triana)
  2. Something for the Weekend
  3. Missing (feat. Andreya Triana)
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  2. Citizens
  3. Travelling Song
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  1. Henny & Gingerale - Bonus Track
  2. The Walk
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  2. They Can’t Take That Away From Me
  3. Lovely Day
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  2. Stop Trying So Hard
  3. Some Day
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  2. The Tuxedo Way
  3. Number One
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