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Top 10 piese cele mai cântate de Echo & The Bunnymen în ultimele 40 de concerte.

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Echo & The Bunnymen va fi pe scenă pentru aproximativ 1:55. Iată setlistul probabil bazat pe concertele anterioare (99% probability):

Denumirea piesei
  1. Crocodiles cover Going Up
  2. Heaven Up Here cover Show of Strength
  3. Greatest Hits Live In Concert cover All That Jazz
  4. Songs To Learn And Sing cover Rescue
  5. Flowers cover Flowers
  6. Songs To Learn And Sing cover Bring On the Dancing Horses
  7. Live At The Royal Albert Hall cover All My Colours (Zimbo)
  8. Songs To Learn And Sing cover Seven Seas
  9. Echo & The Bunnymen cover Bedbugs and Ballyhoo
  10. Heaven Up Here cover Over the Wall
  11. Songs To Learn And Sing cover Never Stop
  12. no cover People Are Strange
  13. Songs To Learn And Sing cover The Cutter
  14. Encore #1

  15. Echo & The Bunnymen cover Lips Like Sugar
  16. Encore #2

  17. Songs To Learn And Sing cover The Killing Moon
  18. Encore #3

  19. The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon cover Ocean Rain

Echo & The Bunnymen Tour Map 2024

Urmărește Echo & The Bunnymen din întreaga lume. Explorează locurile în care poți prinde Echo & The Bunnymen în tur
50 Upcoming concerts, in the following countries: Belgia, Canada, Franța, Germania, Irlanda, Țările de Jos, Elveția, Regatul Unit, Statele Unite ale Americii, etc.

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