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Statistici live

Ne pare rău, nu avem date pentru acest artist. :(

Dar ... Iată primele 10 melodii ale Ghost care pot fi redate live!

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Artiști similari

  1. Spirits of Fire
  2. Avaritia
  3. I'll Die for You
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Year of the Goat

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  2. Burn In Hell
  3. South Of Heaven
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  1. The Trooper - 2015 Remaster
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  1. To Her Darkness
  2. He Comes
  3. Death Knows Where
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  1. Abigail
  2. Welcome Home
  3. Halloween
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  1. Crazy Train
  2. No More Tears
  3. Mama, I'm Coming Home
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  2. Death's Kiss
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  1. Hail to the King
  2. Nightmare
  3. Afterlife
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  1. Enter Sandman
  2. Nothing Else Matters
  3. Master Of Puppets
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  1. Evil
  2. A Dangerous Meeting
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  1. On the Wings of Gloria
  2. The Graveyard Shuffle
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  1. Goodbye Gemini
  2. Flower Phantoms
  3. Ipsissimus
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  1. Freya
  2. The Sundering
  3. Barael's Blade
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  1. Breaking the Law
  2. Painkiller
  3. You've Got Another Thing Coming
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