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Top 10 piese cele mai cântate de God Is An Astronaut în ultimele 40 de concerte.

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God Is An Astronaut va fi pe scenă pentru aproximativ 1:35. Iată setlistul probabil bazat pe concertele anterioare (83% probability):

Denumirea piesei
  1. Ghost Tapes #10 cover Spectres
  2. Ghost Tapes #10 cover Adrift
  3. Epitaph cover Seance Room
  4. Ghost Tapes #10 cover In Flux
  5. All Is Violent, All Is Bright cover Fragile
  6. God Is An Astronaut cover Echoes
  7. All Is Violent, All Is Bright cover All Is Violent, All Is Bright
  8. All Is Violent, All Is Bright cover Suicide by Star
  9. A Moment Of Stillness cover Frozen Twilight
  10. Ghost Tapes #10 cover Burial
  11. The End Of The Beginning cover From Dust to the Beyond
  12. Ghost Tapes #10 cover Fade

God Is An Astronaut Tour Map 2023

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