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Top 10 piese cele mai cântate de Jay-Jay Johanson în ultimele 40 de concerte.

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Jay-Jay Johanson va fi pe scenă pentru aproximativ 1:51. Iată setlistul probabil bazat pe concertele anterioare (63% probability):

Denumirea piesei
  1. Best Of 1996-2013 cover So Tell the Girls That I Am Back in Town
  2. no cover Seine
  3. Bury the Hatchet cover You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone
  4. Kings Cross cover Not Time Yet
  5. Whiskey cover The Girl I Love Is Gone
  6. Best Of 1996-2013 cover Far Away
  7. The Long Term Physical Effects Are Not Yet Known cover She Doesn't Live Here Anymore
  8. Whiskey cover It Hurts Me So
  9. Best Of 1996-2013 cover She's Mine but I'm Not Hers
  10. Looking Glass, Vol. 2 cover Milan Madrid Chicago Paris
  11. Antenna cover Tomorrow
  12. Tattoo cover Quel Dommage
  13. Kings Cross cover Heard Somebody Whistle
  14. Encore #1

  15. Looking Glass, Vol. 2 cover Whispering Words
  16. Poison cover Believe in Us
  17. Whiskey cover I'm Older Now

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